August 28, 2010

Katrina 5 years later

So everybody is all excited about Katrina 5 Years Later (dramatic fanfare).
What's absolutely unsurprising is that none of them are recalling all the horrible reportage they did.
From Shep running after some poor deputy sheriff bleating something like "Where's the water? Where's the water?" to hearing about people eating babies that had been killed then raped or something, funeral pyres in the SuperDome built on the bodies of raped women, bloated bodies firing at helicopters and zombies eating ambulance drivers.
Every freaking rumor they heard, they reported.
So here is Jeff Goldstein at his finest relating something that might have happened or might only have been Shep Smith's dream.
hold the wide-eyed heads of a CNN camera crew and a couple of photogs from the Associated Press—“errand boys,” Smith tells the camera’s blinking red eye, “sent by grocery clerks to collect my Pulitzer.” In his left hand, he holds a microphone, the handle covered in a thick, stringy gore.  With his right hand, he fingers a piece of sharpened aluminum raingutter, folded into a blade and snipped at regular intervals to form a kind of makeshift serrated edge, itself coated in a viscous paste of blood and tendon and spinal fluid.

I do every year. It never fails to make me belly laugh.

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August 26, 2010


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August 14, 2010

An exclusive first look at PeeWee's masturbation

I wish I were making this shit up.

I suppose now would be the time to ask if any of you masturbate with your non-dominant hand, but that would probably be over the top.

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August 09, 2010

What literal media?

I was just watching a report on a local newscast (I think it may have actually been from CBS News, since that's who the station is affiliated with, though it's not the actual CBS station in the area) on Defense Secretary Robert Gates' proposal to cut defense spending (link goes to LAT, not the teevee news report I'm talking about), and they had bullet points to illustrate several of his proposals, each of which had a short video clip to accompany it.

One of the things Gates is proposing to cut is "military brass," and they used a clip of...a Marine Corps marching band.

Yes, I think someone who put the video part of the report together thinks that "military brass" = brass bands. Dumbass.

Update: Yup, it's a CBS News video.  I can't figure out a way to embed it, but you can see it here. The part I'm talking about is at about 0:35 into the clip.

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Major daily newspapers are going broke for some reason

Seriously, Karl Rove must be secretly paying MFM people to write this kind of column. That's the only sane explanation.

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August 05, 2010

Rate our president!

I'm sure that no one is going to try to skew this CBS poll.

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August 01, 2010

New Sunday Feature: Connections

A documentary series by historian James Burke, "Connections" attempted to explain how various historical events and personalities led to discoveries that built off each other to bring about the modern world. Since the series originally ran in 1978 some of the material is a little dated but it is still one of the most interesting programs to have been aired on TV in my opinion. Fortunately James Burke has placed the entire series on YouTube (as well as the two follow on series).

Episode One: "The Trigger Effect" details the world’s present dependence on complex technological networks through a detailed narrative of New York City and the power blackout of 1965. Agricultural technology is traced to its origins in ancient Egypt and the invention of the plow. The segment ends in Kuwait where, because of oil, society leapt from traditional patterns to advanced technology in a period of only about 30 years.

I am only embedding the first portion of each episode the entire playlist for the episode is here.

The complete series is available from Amazon

(Disclosure: The link goes to my Amazon Associates account)

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