April 29, 2010

LATimes accuses Pat Tillman's army unit of murdering him

...and then scrubs that accusation without noting the change when they get called out on it.

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It's the tone, stupid

Have you ever wondered why papers like the NYT are losing readership hand over fist in areas outside of liberal enclaves? Well, take a look at this editorial about an Alabama gubernatorial candidate's (debatable) stance that the state's drivers' license tests should be English-only.

•Headline: "The Candidate From Xenophobia"

•The candidate, Tim James, is given "the award for best bottom-feeding campaigner," and readers are told that in Alabama, "'We speak English,” Mr. James warns in a make-my-day growl.'"

•The editorial notes that, "Running in a four-way Republican nomination race, Mr. James, a business executive, is transparently intent on tapping into the anti-immigrant, anti-government mood of malcontent voters." Yes, "malcontent." Because their concerns aren't legitimate at all.
Notice that I used the word "debatable" earlier in describing the candidate's stance. That's because I think people who live here should learn English, but resident aliens, many of whom are small business owners (and I have plenty of experience with such people, who were the immigrant parents of my friends) need to get their drivers' licenses in order to fuel our economy.

What I can't stand is the idea that people who think that the idea of learning the dominant language of this country is some sort of problem facing immigrants. I grew up in an environment where lots of my neighbors were resident aliens, some of whom worked toward citizenship. Others kept their citizenship in their home nations. But they ALL spoke English.

The bottom line? Fuck you, NYT. That is all.

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April 14, 2010

Minitru getting blatant

Eric at Classical Values went to a tea party event in Lansing, Michigan last week and saw what you see at all the tea party events.
You know, friendly, normal  people who are angry at our gov't for either ignoring us or calling us names and telling us to shut up and give them our their money.
He has some good pics.

So today he sees an article about all the homophobes at the event, including a guy proudly selling "Straight Pride" shirts who was an official member of the Tea Party Express and who gives a cut of the proceeds to the Tea Party Express and who wore a button saying Official Sponsor.
Eric was there for 3 hours and didn't see the guy.
Minitru "journalist" provides two pics as "proof" that show nothing of what he claims. There's no pic of the guy wearing the Official Sponsor button.
In one pic you can see just the shirt and part of another shirt next to it that I can't read, the other pic shows a guy wearing one but you can't see around him or even see his face. There are no wide angle shots showing all the tea partiers in the background.

Read the second, short link. He has links to the lies and the happy, happy lefties screaching about Teh Hatez, including the lying piece by the lying Minitru bastid.

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