January 29, 2010

Fair is fair

Here is O'Keefe's statement about the charges against him.

It appears that a.  there was no wiretapping and b.  he was not trying to bug Sen. Landrieu's office. 

He claims that he was simply trying to confirm whether the phones were acting up (my paraphrase) as Landrieu's office was claiming.  I concur in his opinion that the way he did it was less than optimal.  Any business would have security concerns about access to parts of the office, let alone a Senator's office. 

His points about the media reporting on this are well put as well.

I still think what he did was stupid but apparently it was less dumb than previously reported.  Why do I think it was stupid?  Because it should have been obvious that someone was going to call the cops on their asses.  Look, I have as little sympathy for him as I do for any journalist who is breaking the law to get an undercover story and then gets caught.  Hey, you take the risk, you pay the price. 

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January 20, 2010

And the infighting starts


As much as I'm in favor of blaming Rahm Emanuel for, well, everything, the far left is making my jaw drop.

I say that Coakley faced her difficult situation because the leadership of the Demcratic party decided to forget who elected them...I've written before about how the Democratic leadership has betrayed its constituents. This has happened at many levels. Senate leaders and Rahm Emanuel have hand-picked blue-dog, conservative Democratic candidates to run against solid progressives. The DSCC and DCCC have funded conservative Democrats IN PRIMARIES, helping them to oppose progressives.
Just so I'm sure I'm understanding this...
  1. Rahm Emanuel is too conservative.
  2. Martha Coakley's failures had nothing to do with the fact that she's an awful human being.  And stupid to boot.
  3. Martha Coakley is too conservative.
  4. Progressive is no longer a deeply coded term for socialism, it's flat-out in-your-face socialism.
  5. The reason Air America failed is because of a vast right-wing conspiracy, and not because progressive radio hosts have gone completely outside the realm of common sense and rational thought.
Did I miss anything?

Update: @jtLOL points out that the reason Martha Coakley lost is because Massachusetts hates women.

Update 2: Teh crayzee, it is spreading.

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January 19, 2010

Boston Globe: Coakley defeats Brown!

I'm gonna laugh if Brown wins and holds up a laptop with this preemptive declaration of victory by the Boston Globe.

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January 13, 2010

Name that article

First in a series.
Once in a while I like to play a game with my conservative email buddies. I'll quote something and ask them, "Real or Satire".

So in today's exciting episode we have:
White House Gets 'A' For Openness

In the body we read
Under fire for backing away from a campaign promise to open up health care negotiations to C-SPAN cameras, the White House on Monday highlighted a report from a coalition of watchdog groups awarding the Obama administration an “A” for its openness.
The report... gave the administration high marks across the board for its various initiatives to increase transparency and reduce the power of lobbyists

So what do you think, Politico or Scrappleface?
Click "more' to see if you're right.

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January 11, 2010

Once in a while Google gets it right

You all know I love to Googlebash, but for once I think they've got it right.


This and more at Climategate.

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This is going to piss off all the right people

Sarah Palin to contribute to Fox News.

From the article (yes yes NY Times but it's a pretty straightforward piece), it sounds like she'll be doing special report type stuff not a show like the Huckster.

Cue exploding heads . . . . NOW.

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January 05, 2010

AP "Journalist": Aw, poor Barry

The AP's Philip Elliott seems surprised to find out that—even on vacation—the job of POTUS is, well, kind of demanding:

Even though it was called a vacation, the trip to Obama's childhood home was hardly the holiday most people seek. Between golf outings, he phoned his homeland security secretary and counterterrorism adviser for regular updates. Rather than restaurant recommendations, the president was handed thrice-daily updates from the White House Situation Room. And an attack that killed seven U.S. intelligence officers put him on the phone with the CIA director before heading to the island's North Shore for a party with high school friends.
I don't know where exactly to start.

Well, how about here: All you MSM fucksticks who bitched about President Bush spending time at his ranch down in Texas? Yeah, you think there weren't any phones or computers down there? You think that maybe, just maybe, he was getting thrice (or more) daily updates from advisers in Washington? Instead of "restaurant recommendations"? Yeah, you know the answer to that. You've known it since your fawning forbears were taking pictures of JFK boating and playing touch football, but there's a different standard for people with that (R) behind their name, huh?

Secondly, look at the tone here. "Between golf outings" he had to do the most important motherfucking job in the Goddamned free world, huh? I'm guessing we'll be seeing the "Watch this drive" clip castigating him for playing golf during a time of crisis, oh, on about the twelfth of Never-fucking-EVAR. What liberal bias, huh?

And how about this?
And an attack that killed seven U.S. intelligence officers put him on the phone with the CIA director before heading to the island's North Shore for a party with high school friends.
Boo. Fucking. Hoo. Apparently, the BMOC POTUS was inconvenienced by the fact that several people who were serving their fucking country in some of the most dangerous fucking territory on the fucking planet got killed, subsequently harshing his fucking mellow for a few minutes. For God's sake, he was late to a party with some high school friends! The horror. The horror. They might have gotten the impression that he hadn't stayed sweet!

You know what, Phil, I'm never surprised anymore about the fact that Americans don't trust people who do the job that you and I draw a paycheck from, seeing as how people like you are such obvious fucking one-party-friendly suck-ups.

Keep fucking that chicken.

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January 04, 2010


The fact that some Hoser I'd previously never heard of had to point all of this out is depressing.

Heckuva job, American MSM! At least you still get called on first during those press conferences, huh?

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January 03, 2010

Quote of the brand new decade

"National security was never considered Obama's strong suit."

No, really? I mean, really?

You're talking about Barack H. Obama?


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January 01, 2010

They're not even pretending anymore

Jesus H. Christ, people. Last I checked, the H. doesn't stand for "Hussein."

They may as well have played this in the background during that segment:

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