September 22, 2009

Quote of the Day: Sexytime

Quote of the day is Reason's headline for a blog post entitled....
"Gwen Ifill: I Did Not Know "Teabagging" Meant Sexytime"

This Quote of the Day was almost overshadowed by the first comment on that post:

"The poor Reason intern who had to do a Google image search on "teabagging" finally came through with a winner after viewing thirty pages of gay porn.

He (or she) paid the ultimate price for libertarian journalism."


(via @JTlol)

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Time Mag spinning yarns into gold

I suggest reading Time Magazine's cover story on Glenn Beck if only to appreciate how much the "mainstream" media misses the mark. (I'm not exactly a huge Beck fan, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend.)

Time "calling out" a "yarn" of Beck's:

Some days "they" are the network of leftist community organizers known as ACORN — and his indictment of the group is looking stronger every day. But he also spins yarns of less substance. He tells his viewers that Obama's volunteerism efforts are really an attempt to create a "civilian national-security force that is just as strong, just as powerful as the military."

How much of a "yarn" is this? Well, Beck didn't exactly pull it out of thin air...

Ya know, sometimes Beck is right. It would be nice if media outlets actually checked their stories before accusing somebody of spinning a "yarn".

To paraphrase Joe Wilson: Time, you lie!

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September 14, 2009

Strange headline of the day

From the Christian Science Monitor, we have:

 Obama and Bill Clinton eat food (fish and pasta - not McRibs)

This raises a few interesting questions. First of all, why is it noteworthy that Obama and Clinton ate "food"? Also, is the McRib something other than "food"? And does the CSM know something about these two issues that we don't?

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