December 31, 2009

Princess Pantywaist

Apparently we're not the only ones who think that Obama is a pretty pretty princess.  Tina Brown of The Daily Beast is right on board with us.

BROWN: Well, it’s got to be that incredible inauguration of Obama because, you know, you started the year with this huge festival of hope and renewal and everything is going to be so different now, and then, like the bad fairy at Sleeping Beauty’s christening, Rush Limbaugh utters the words, ‘I hope you fail.’ ‘I hope he fails,’ he said, and from that moment, the sort of the Pandora’s box opened and the rest of the year has been just this big discord and toxic atmosphere in politics and partisan divide and people shouting at each other and the Tea Parties and death panels, and all of the stuff til we descend to the year where now, where we just got the health care bill probably about to be passed with no Republican votes at all. So, it was a real turn-around from the bank bonuses and bailouts onwards.

I'm sure Rush will be glad to know he wields so much power, to make an entire country's attitude turn toxic with four words.  Especially since conservatism is going out of style and all.

Thanks to eddiebear for pointing out how mindnumbingly stupid Tina Brown is.

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You stay classy, MSM

From the New York Daily News' coverage of the Rush Limbaugh hospitalization story (with my emphasis):

Radio loudmouth Rush Limbaugh was reportedly rushed to a Hawaii hospital after suffering chest pains Wednesday night.


Ironically, Limbaugh chose the same holiday destination as his nemesis President Obama.

Another frequent target of Limbaugh's bile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, also is vacationing in Hawaii this week.

What liberal media bias?

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December 29, 2009

LATimes hack offers false quote from Big Government's James O'Keefe

Falsifying quotes?  The LA Times?  No, it couldn't be, they are such a paragon of objectivity, integrity and professionalism, I'm so disillusioned...

No, but seriously, the LA Times is on its way to making Soviet-era Pravda writers look honest.  I can't wait till I see an LA Times column or editorial angrily referring to middle America as a bunch of capitalist imperialist running dogs, and using that exact language and phrase.

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December 28, 2009

Web Poll - Worst Media Malpractice 2009

I posted it over at PAWatercooler, but I encourage all the morons to go vote for the worst media SNAFU of the year.

(Please behave -- the 'cooler is a PG-13-ish site.)

If this sounds familiar, that would be because I picked your brains about this earlier, but wanted to wait a while to post the poll because the year-end wasn't quite upon us.

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December 27, 2009

The Denver Post is on top of things

If there's any doubt in your mind as to just how on top of things the Denver Post is, check out the dateline on the story on the right.

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December 08, 2009

Unstoppable global something

Yeah, it's old. As a matter of fact, it's more than a century old.
Last year Tim Blair put up a post with links to olden global warmmongering articles in the NY Times, it seems like a good time to repost it.
From 1923
Glaciers have disappeared and land once covered with field ice is bare.
From 1935
The great glaciers of the West, last remnants of the Ice Age on continental United States, have been retreating from their strongholds in the mountains at double time since last year.

But wait! There's still more!
From 1895
The question is again being discussed whether recent and long-continued observations do not point to the advent of a second glacial period, when the countries now basking in the fostering warmth of a tropical sun will ultimately give way to the perennial frost and snow of the polar regions.

From 1934
America is believed by Weather Bureau scientists to be on the verge of a change of climate, with a return to increasing rains and deeper snows and the colder Winters of grandfather’s day.

And my personal favorite, from 1924
Some People Always Think the Climate Is Changing, But Mr. Scarr Says There Is Nothing in His Records to Justify the Notion

But this time, this time, they're absolutely correct.
I look forward to 2011 when the Sun starts with the sunspots again and the Earth starts warming just as Al Gore notices it's been cooling.
He'll travel the world bleating about how industrialization is causing the coming ice age.
And since Gaia hates him, he'll bring heat wherever he goes.

Of course, that requires that this spring, what with all the invasions and wars, doesn't bring nukular winter.
Eh, you take the endy with the funny in this end of civilization.

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December 03, 2009

Anatomy of a Minitru smear

I can't figure out why anybody reads Politico. They started off with a smear of Teh Fred (and some firemen in a "silly hat:" story), and their record is iffy at best. They are less trustworthy than the NY Times, IMO.

So anyway, here they are in their "protect the Dems" (specifically "Protect Obamessiah") mode.
Mike Mullen disputes Donald Rumsfeld on Afghan troop request

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff pushed back in a fact-checking dispute with former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, asserting that the Bush administration rejected a Pentagon request for more troops for Afghanistan last year.

Huh, so Rumsfeld claimed that Bush didn't deny troop requests last year?
Wellllll, no. He said that Bush never did that while he, Rumsfeld, was there.

Later in the Politico lying hit-piece of a crap article
Mullen did not address whether commanders submitted unfulfilled troop requests under Rumsfeld’s tenure.

So in other words, they're admitting he didn't "dispute" Rumsfeld's statement, he didn't comment on it.
For the record, here's the story with the Rumsfeld written quote
Such a bald misstatement, at least as it pertains to the period I served as secretary of defense, deserves a response," Rumsfeld said in a written statement. "I am not aware of a single request of that nature between 2001 and 2006."

So Rumsfeld specifically said between 2001 and 2006, Politico. political hacks of a particulary low caliber, try to make you think he's disputing Rumsfeld when he's absolutely not, which they actually note in the article.

But that's how Minitru works, they have a political smear job of a  headline that's actually disproven by the article itself.


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December 02, 2009

What's The Worst Case of Media Malpractice for 2009?

Taking suggestions for a future web-poll.  So far I have:

-Climategate non-coverage
-Honduras non-coverage
-Fake Rush Limbaugh quotes
-Tea party coverage (non-coverage, "astro-turf"/unorganized dichotomy, "tea bagging" slur)
-Hey, the economy isn't so bad / "saved or created"
-ACORN? Never heard of it.
-The exodus of "moderates" like Specter and Scozzafava from the GOP
-Everybody who opposes Obama is a racist (MSNBC edited gun carrying black dude)
-Czar non-reporting (Van Jones & the various Maoists)

Surely an infinite number of morons pecking at their keyboards can provide a few other choice candidates.

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