May 24, 2010

Ann Curry: Genius


Wheaton's 2010 graduation ceremony this past Saturday was the most delightful I have ever experienced, as the warmth the students showed for their faculty and for each other was so overwhelming it was felt even by me, an outsider.

So it is with a heavy heart that I ask you to forgive me for mistakenly naming graduates of the other Wheaton College in my address.

I now know I should have named National Medal of Science winner Dr. Mary Ellen Avery, former New Jersey Governor and former EPA Director Christie Todd Whitman, literary agent Esther Newberg, Oscar-nominated actress Catherine Keener and Ken Babby, the youngest senior officer in the history of the Washington Post, among others. Thank goodness I got Lesley Stahl right.

I am mortified by my mistake, and can only hope the purity of my motive, to find a way to connect with the graduates and to encourage them to a life of service, will allow you to forgive me.

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May 11, 2010

So, some MFM hacks at USA Today declare Americans are actually undertaxed

Using some creative calculating. I'm gonna go ahead and ignore the DPUD Stylebook that says math will not be involved and link Jeff M's takedown anyway.  No worries, alex or someone will post some hotassery and all will be well with the world.

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May 06, 2010

The double standard, writ very, very large

Imagine this conversation taking place about five years ago, after Hurricane You Know Who. I'm not even going to excerpt any of it here, since it really has to be read to believed. Seriously, it's hi-fucking-larious.

(Oh, and I found it via St. Andrew of the Blessed Heart-Ache, who actually made sure to call Obama "our temperamentally conservative president" in commenting on this discussion. Yes, really.)

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May 05, 2010

Sinking of the Fleet

Past week or two haven't been too kind to the MFM, last week, the Philly Inquirer and Daily News were both sold to their creditors.  This week, WaPo is looking to unload Newsweek.  Many factors contributed to this, I think.  Obviously the right's abandonment of old news sources is a central one, even among older consumers of news, with FNC, talk radio and teh intarwebs.  Certainly the migration to intarwebs news has had a major impact, but then again, I think people still, for the time being, have a sentimental attachment to newspapers and news magazines, there is something physically nice about holding and reading the newspaper or magazines, just like there is with a book.  That sentimentality will only carry so far, especially when journalists and editors have become so rabidly biased while claiming impartiality and generally sloppy on facts, information and writing quality.

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