July 26, 2008

I sense a meme

While nerding out on some veepstakes news this afternoon, I ran across an article in the St. Petersburg Times, and I noticed something familiar (emphasis mine):

"The threshold for Obama's V.P. choice is simply do no harm. McCain on the other hand will be looking to send several signals with his choice,'' said Republican consultant Todd Harris. "He may decide that he needs someone that will energize the conservative base. He will most certainly want to choose someone who would be viewed as a leader in the next generation of Republicans, and he'll probably want someone who stands a good chance of bringing some political real estate with him."
Really?  Obama doesn't have to send any signals with his vice presidential choice?  He doesn't have to shore up support from disgruntled Hillary voters?  He doesn't have to choose someone with more experience to add gravitas to the ticket?  He doesn't need a vice president who connects with "bitter" Reagan Democrats in Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc.? 

I guess if you accept the Democrats' premise that he is the secular messiah, then "Republican consultant" Todd Harris is correct. 

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July 24, 2008

Headliner: Barack Obama

In Portland, Oregon this May Sen. Obama got a record crowd of 75,000.  What the media didn't tell you was that a popular Portland-based band, the Decemberists, was the free opening act. 

Well, history has repeated itself today in Berlin (emphasis in the original):

++ Pop Concert for Obama Fans ++

6:33 p.m.: The tens of thousands of Obama fans are being entertained as they await the senator. The reggae musician Patrice kicked things off, followed by the rock band Reamonn.

I have no idea how popular these bands are, since it's German crap, but it's kind of interesting that when Our Lord and Savior has a record crowd, there always seems to be free crap right beforehand. 


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July 22, 2008

You'd think they'd praise McCain for speaking like the Obamessiah

The brain trust over at the Politico has a news flash for you: John McCain is old.  And, while Sen. Obama's gaffes are easily chalked up to being tired, etc., you just can't do that with McCain:

McCain will turn 72 the day after Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) accepts his party’s nomination for president at the age of 47, calling new attention to the sensitive issue of McCain’s advanced age three days before the start of his own convention.


But McCain's mistakes raise a serious, if uncomfortable question: Are the gaffes the result of his age? And what could that mean in the Oval Office?

Voters, thinking about their own relatives, can be expected to scrutinize McCain’s debate performances for signs of slippage.

Every voter has a parent, grandparent or a friend whose mental acuity declined as they grew older. It happens at different times for different people — and there is ample evidence many people in their 70s are as sharp and fit as ever.
If only Sen. McCain had a "D" after his name so he could be a charming elder statesman.  One whose gaffes only proved that he was human and approachable - just like you and me. 

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July 21, 2008

Mary Mapes' take on Rathergate to be turned into film

Slublog asks the all important question, who will play the eeeeeevil wingnut bloggers who demonized poor Dan Rather? This made me laugh, dunno if Allah appreciates it,

Personally, I'm wondering who they're going to get to play the part of the eeeevil conservative bloggers. I'm thinking Paul Giamatti for Allahpundit. It just seems...right.

Okay, so what are your suggestions to play the eeeeevil right wing bloggers?  Ace can play himself as long as Lucas will sign off on it,


That leaves the aforementioned Allah, Charles Johnson at LGF, the  Powerline guys, and probably Malkin and Insty too.

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The Obligatory "NYT rejects McCain's column" post

I'll send you to Eggman's for the link to the story and some reactions. I'm teetering between shocked by their brazenness like the Moron-in-Chief or just dismissing it as the NYT's continued efforts to become America's version of Pravda, Soviet or post-Soviet era Pravda, reader's choice.

I will say, NYT has the right to embargo anything they want, other media outlets have the right to publish it though, and we have the right to criticize Pravda NYT for it.  McCain better have a Plan B if he thinks the media is going to be anything but overtly hostile to him.

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July 19, 2008

He's not president (yet), children.

Lord help me, but my first thought upon reading this statement was to actually praise Sen. Obama for doing something right:

Then, the senator was asked whether he plans to deliver some tough talk to Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki about doing more to stand up the instruments of self-governance in their own nations.

“Well, you know, I’m more interested in listening than doing a lot of talking,” he said. “And I think it is very important to recognize that I’m going over there as a U.S. senator. We have one president at a time, so it’s the president’s job to deliver those messages.”
Luckily, I came to my senses and asked where the press could have possibly gotten the idea that he was already president

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July 17, 2008

Yes, I am posting this because I dislike her

As I have stated many times before, I dislike Laura Ingraham. In keeping with my theory that nothing anyone does is ever good enough for her, we have this leaked video of her off-air behavior during filming of her now-defunct Fox News show, "Just In":

Laura is also flummoxed by prep material that doesn’t prep her for questioning guests; segments that aren’t timed properly; people talking too much in her ear; her shiny forehead, and a minion named Tom who is not at her beck and call.

Then there’s the mysterious Hispanic man in her monitor.

“There he is!” she shouts. “Did you see him???”

At the end of the video, Laura pronounces, “Oh my god, this is a train wreck,” and removes her microphone in disgust.

Ah, she's just as I imagined her to be. Here is the video.

(h/t to The Corner, who write this display off as nervousness over the fate of her radio show, which had not yet been decided at this point. Uh-huh.)

Update: Is the "Bryan" she is talking to in the clip Bryan Preston, formerly of HotAir.com?  I know he left that site to work on her radio show, did he follow her to TV while her radio show was off the air?

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ABC NEWS ALERT: Our Lord and Savior Spent 188 Minutes Among the Masses

At first I was considering voting for McCain, but ABC News has convinced me that this is an error.  After all, what has McCain ever done that could possible match this:

ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: While Obama spent 91 minutes at a campaign event yesterday, the Illinois Senator spent a total of 188 minutes in the gym yesterday – making three separate stops to Chicago gyms over the course of one day.

The presumptive nominee started his Tuesday with a short morning work out at the gym of his friend and longtime aide Mike Signator’s apartment building.

The article is not without its disappointments, though.  For example they say he spent 188 minutes at three different gyms, but they fail to say how much time was spent at each site.  Layers, indeed!

Related: The panelists at RedEye bathe in His countenance.

Update: I cleaned up my loose shit.  He was at the gym 188 minutes, not 91.

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July 16, 2008

LA Times latest propaganda: Americans losing faith in free markets!

Of course, they don't acknowledge the decade of propaganda the LA Times and other media outlets have been pounding the public with.  I'm frankly surprised that people have resisted the leftist propaganda against capitalism as much as they have.

On the flipside, they might be resisting it because they know what is causing it.

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What else was on that Jesse Jackson tape?

TV Newser has a transcript that has been confirmed by Fox News insiders.  Not really that much, but they should have played the tape in its entirety the first time around.  I'm not sure if this is FNC trying to stretch out the ratings boost on this thing, or if they were trying to protect Jackson or something else, but the tape should have been completely played, if for no other reason than to limit speculation. 

The media's primary job is to put forward information, and FNC failed to do that.  This would be one thing if there was some security, legal or safety reason, but there was no compelling reason to withhold the rest of the tape.

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July 15, 2008

New Conservative Standard-Bearer: Gary Condit

Yes, you read that correctly.  Take a peek at how the Washington Post describes the potentially murderous former Democratic Congressmen (emphasis mine):

They met at hotels and inside his fourth-floor, turn-of-the-century condo at the top of Adams Morgan, an eclectic neighborhood of ethnic restaurants, offbeat shops and jam-packed nightclubs near the National Zoo and Rock Creek Park. It was not a typical neighborhood for a conservative congressman from a right-leaning agricultural district.

Naturally, there is no party identification in the article.  And Condit's district?  While it may be right-leaning by California standards, it is still a D+3 district*.  Condit was tagged as a Democrat in an earlier installment in the "Who Killed Chandra Levy" series, but even then the Washington Post tries to tie Condit to conservatism:

For the past 11 years, Condit had been building a reputation as a renegade within the Democratic Party. A photo of House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican, hung on his office wall. He was one of the few Democrats to publicly push President Bill Clinton to be forthcoming about his relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky. Condit's conservative stances were so popular in the San Joaquin Valley that his district became known as "Condit Country."

Lame, but expected. 

*Condit left office after the 2002 elections, when redistricting would have gone into effect.  It is possible that the district as it was drawn until 2002 was more conservative. 


Update: Answering eddiebear (I can't comment while at work for some reason), Condit said in December 2001 that he would seek re-election, but he lost the Democratic primary to Dennis Cardoza, who still holds the seat.

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Return appearance

Jonn Lilyea notes that sniveling leftist anti-military tool William Arkin makes his inglorious return after over a year of laying low to host a WaPo forum on Iraq policy.  Arkin you may remember was the guy who trashed the armed forces in a sniveling rant about a year and a half ago, then basically went into hiding after having to face the wrath of an angered public. 

So, what does Arkin come up with this time?  Well, he claims that Bush isn't reducing the numbers of troops in Iraq because of successes in getting things stabilized there, but rather that our military has been defeated and this is a Nixonesque drawdown.  Only thing that needs to be said about Arkin,


On a somewhat related note, Baldi notes that the left has turned against the war in Afghanistan.  No surprise really, we knew it was coming, but that's gonna be a tough one to sell to the public since the left has been flogging their "We should be focused on Afghanistan, that was the just war" talking point for years now as an argument against Iraq.  You can't make that kind of position change without facing serious questioning of your credibility.

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July 12, 2008

AP: "Obituary, editorial...what's the difference?"

I know obituaries are supposed to give the full measure of someone's life, but is this really necessary? (emphasis mine):

With a quick-from-the-lip repartee, broadcaster's good looks and a relentlessly bright outlook — if not always a command of the facts — he became a popular figure around the country to the delight of his White House bosses.
Perhaps the AP could provide us with a list of these "facts"?  Anyone want to bet they sound something like this: "White House Press Secretary Tony Snow today failed to acknowledge the fact that American troops in Iraq were brought there on a lie."

{doubleplusundead}  And of course, the typical vile nutroots celebrations commence.  Pure scum.

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July 08, 2008

But of course

Who do you have to hump around here to get a teevee deal? Well...

E! News has learned exclusively that the former high-priced prostitute at the center of the Eliot Spitzer scandal is developing a cable reality series and is considering moving from New York to Los Angeles.

When contacted by E! News, a rep for Dupré declined to comment, only saying, "She has no TV deal.” Her rep would not address specifically whether she's developing a series.

A source tells E! News, however, that Dupré, 23, has been developing an unscripted show with production execs at L.A.-based Handprint Entertainment, the same company that has managed the careers of reality icons Nicole Richie and Pamela Anderson.

With a roster of "talent" like that, it sounds like she'll fit in just fine.

One of the concepts being considered is a dating format.

When a girl like that asks if you want a date, that's not what she usually means. Or so I'm told.

"They're talking to MTV about Ashley being the next Tila Tequila," says a source close to the project. (Handprint execs couldn't be reached for comment on the project; MTV declined comment.)

Personally, I was of the opinion that one Tila Tequila was more than enough, but what do I know?


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July 07, 2008

No bias here, move along please...

Actual headline from "an unnamed news organization": "Old guy vs change: McCain, Obama images take shape"


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July 06, 2008

Why won't you stupid people read, listen to and watch our propaganda?

The Baltimore Sun looks at HBO's Generation Kill, and notes that the American public has largely ignored the defeatist propaganda coming from Hollywood and the media, they've all tanked.  Of course then they ask why it is Americans aren't interested in all the stuff about Iraq coming out of Hollywood and the media. 

None of them seem to gather (or more likely, they know why but feign ignorance) it's because the American people don't want to be bludgeoned with defeatist propaganda, they all claim it's because people just want to tune out or are fatigued by it.  

My guess is this miniseries'll tank too. 

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July 05, 2008

The AP celebrates Independence Day with the troops!

It's just as happy as one would imagine:

It's Staff Sgt. Edgar Covarrubias' second Fourth of July in Iraq. No family barbecue, no fireworks, but Covarrubias says he'll call his mom, wife and kids to share the day anyway.


The holiday is even leaner at smaller outposts closer to the violence, where it comes with a can of meat, some cookies and a job not yet done.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, they didn't note that 1,215 soldiers re-enlisted yesterday until one of the last paragraphs.

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