July 22, 2008

You'd think they'd praise McCain for speaking like the Obamessiah

The brain trust over at the Politico has a news flash for you: John McCain is old.  And, while Sen. Obama's gaffes are easily chalked up to being tired, etc., you just can't do that with McCain:

McCain will turn 72 the day after Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) accepts his party’s nomination for president at the age of 47, calling new attention to the sensitive issue of McCain’s advanced age three days before the start of his own convention.


But McCain's mistakes raise a serious, if uncomfortable question: Are the gaffes the result of his age? And what could that mean in the Oval Office?

Voters, thinking about their own relatives, can be expected to scrutinize McCain’s debate performances for signs of slippage.

Every voter has a parent, grandparent or a friend whose mental acuity declined as they grew older. It happens at different times for different people — and there is ample evidence many people in their 70s are as sharp and fit as ever.
If only Sen. McCain had a "D" after his name so he could be a charming elder statesman.  One whose gaffes only proved that he was human and approachable - just like you and me. 

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