July 17, 2008

Yes, I am posting this because I dislike her

As I have stated many times before, I dislike Laura Ingraham. In keeping with my theory that nothing anyone does is ever good enough for her, we have this leaked video of her off-air behavior during filming of her now-defunct Fox News show, "Just In":

Laura is also flummoxed by prep material that doesn’t prep her for questioning guests; segments that aren’t timed properly; people talking too much in her ear; her shiny forehead, and a minion named Tom who is not at her beck and call.

Then there’s the mysterious Hispanic man in her monitor.

“There he is!” she shouts. “Did you see him???”

At the end of the video, Laura pronounces, “Oh my god, this is a train wreck,” and removes her microphone in disgust.

Ah, she's just as I imagined her to be. Here is the video.

(h/t to The Corner, who write this display off as nervousness over the fate of her radio show, which had not yet been decided at this point. Uh-huh.)

Update: Is the "Bryan" she is talking to in the clip Bryan Preston, formerly of HotAir.com?  I know he left that site to work on her radio show, did he follow her to TV while her radio show was off the air?

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