October 30, 2008

WSJ: Pay no attention to those large crowds at Palin rallies

I'm starting to see why the Wall Street Journal is so attracted to Peggy Noonan (link in the original, emphasis mine):

Gov. Palin delivered an energy-policy speech here Wednesday, one of only three she has done. Although her speech last week on children with disabilities was widely covered, an address she gave on women earlier this month received very little pick up. "We didn't get much coverage on that by the way," she said to an aide with frustration in her voice. "They started talking about my clothes instead the next day."

The Alaska governor's star power and light foreign policy credentials have led the campaign to relegate her to large-scale rallies -- a grassroots motivating tool with no risk of "gotcha" moments.

So first we are told that Gov. Palin is a policy lightweight.  Then she starts giving substantive policy speeches and suddenly it is very important that we know about her wardrobe. 

Secondly, I was unaware that having rallies where tens of thousands of enthused voters show up is something negative.  It certainly wasnt presented that way when Hopey McChange was drawing those crowds (with the helpful assists of free food and Decemberists concerts, by the way).  And I still can't remember any policy speeches given by The One, and he's the presidential nominee. 

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