December 02, 2009

What's The Worst Case of Media Malpractice for 2009?

Taking suggestions for a future web-poll.  So far I have:

-Climategate non-coverage
-Honduras non-coverage
-Fake Rush Limbaugh quotes
-Tea party coverage (non-coverage, "astro-turf"/unorganized dichotomy, "tea bagging" slur)
-Hey, the economy isn't so bad / "saved or created"
-ACORN? Never heard of it.
-The exodus of "moderates" like Specter and Scozzafava from the GOP
-Everybody who opposes Obama is a racist (MSNBC edited gun carrying black dude)
-Czar non-reporting (Van Jones & the various Maoists)

Surely an infinite number of morons pecking at their keyboards can provide a few other choice candidates.

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