July 15, 2009

What's the matter with the WSJ?

Thomas Frank, most famous for insulting the most middle of Middle American states, goes after Sarah Palin in his WSJ column:

This is no small thing, mind you. The piling-up of petty complaints is an important aspect of conservative movement culture. For those who believe that American life consists of the trampling of Middle America by the "elites" -- that our culture is one big insult to the pious and the patriotic and the traditional -- Sarah Palin's long list of unfair and disrespectful treatment is one of her most attractive features. Like Oliver North, Robert Bork, and Clarence Thomas, she is known not for her ideas but as a martyr, a symbol of the culture-war crimes of the left.
But of course. She has no ideas. I mean, just to pick one of her non-ideas, she has never advocated expanded oil drilling as a way to make America more independent from foreign sources of oil.

Frank goes on to claim that Palin was set up as "a candidate on a cross" for the kind of rubes he has based his career on:
Resentment was, for example, the most-noticed theme in her famous speech at the Republican convention in September, when she introduced herself to America by taking umbrage at those Democrats who "seem to look down on" small-town ways.

Frank belittles Palin's treatment at the hands of the MSM and Democrats (bIrm) as having a thin skin. Okay, let's suppose that's true. But let's ask him a few questions...

Since you're a public figure, what with your bestselling book and your column in the WSJ and all, would you be happy if a lot of people throughout the MSM repeatedly suggested that you were stupid?

If someone was to suggest that you had behaved in an unethical manner while writing your books or columns without any basis, would you be upset?

If MSM organizations flew teams into your hometown to investigate your every last move, would you feel like you were being singled out?

If a bunch of batshit crazy conspiracy theorists scrutinized the birth of your kids and publicized their insane theories, is that something you might object to?

(thanks to eddie)

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