August 14, 2009

What liberal media?

Granted, this is NBC we're talking about here, but they're not even making an attempt to hide it anymore:

Barack Obama's campaign slogan "Yes we can!" became "Yes we did!" on November 4, 2008, thrilling his supporters nationwide.

Evidently, NBC also was quite pleased with the win, and the news network is still celebrating.

NBC is selling "YES WE DID" t-shirts online as well as at its Manhattan company store in Rockefeller Center.

"We," NBC? Do you have a mouse in your pocket or are you just admitting how deep you're in the tank for Obama?

Yeah, I think I'm gonna go with the latter. And seeing as how NBC (along with most of the MSM) chose to sit on their hands when they could have been doing their jobs by vetting the empty suit who now occupies the Oval Office, I'd say the "We" is entirely appropriate.

(Via Treacher, who has a suggestion for a new design that may be on the racks in the not-too-distant future.)

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