February 04, 2010

Vicious, lying children

updated below
Okay, so James O'Keefe, the Pimp of Pimp n' Ho, is doing real journalism and exposing lies and other dishonesties on lefties and for that he can never be forgiven.
So I saw this article and it looked weird to me, I could see the left was in full "vicious attack mode".
Now an activist organization that monitors hate groups has produced a photo of O'Keefe at a 2006 conference on "Race and Conservatism" that featured leading white nationalists.

OMG!!!! A racist!!!!! He was manning a table at a white supremacist event. With Literature!!!! Connect the dots folks!

First, look at the pic.
It's blatantly obvious the head is Pshopped into everything else. The jacket looks like a cartoon drawing for instance.

So I knew it was bullshit, but I didn't have enough info and I wanted to see what O'Keefe said because, well, he knows what happened.
Of course, the fine, tolerant, totally honest journalists at the Village Voice had an even better "scoop"
It is telling that O'Keefe would organize an event...
So now, not only was he at the event, he organized it!!!!! White supremacists!!! Why, I bet CJ has a pic of him next to Stacy McCain just to complete the white supremacist circle (note: I'm making fun of people who call Stacy a racist).

So Big Gov't decided to call him and ask him (which, for obvious reasons, none of our leftist media betters did, after all, they never let facts get in the way of a good, vicious attack on their political opponents)
James O’Keefe attended a forum years ago that dealt with race and politics.  The forum was located at a Georgetown University building (that’s right, a 21-year-old man attended an event on a college campus).  The forum had as one of its three speakers a controversial figure, Jared Taylor, with a track record of making racist statements.  He was being debated by two other people including Mr. Martin (taking issue with the racist figure).

Vicious, lying children. At least they've learned one thing, "Racist" is too over-used, so now they're going to use "White Supremacist".

I figure it went out in their townhouse memos. "Look you retards, we can't use racist anymore. Now use "white supremacist"."
Look for that meme among our fine, tolerant, loving, totally free-minded and non-top-down leftist brethren.
Oh, and laugh at the fail.
We also spoke with Daryle Jenkins of One People’s Project, the man who started this entire legend.  ...His claim ... is based on eye-witnesses who were at the event.
Mr. Jenkins only produced the name of one witness: Dave Weigel...

We called Mr. Weigel and he denied ever telling Mr. Jenkins that Mr. O’Keefe was “manning the table.”

Heh, so their "proof" called them liars. On the record.
I can personally confirm that he was there, but not that he was manning the table — nor that O’Keefe “planned” the event (as Blumenthal put it) with Marcus Epstein, who was president of the Robert Taft Club.

Fucking vicious, lying children who have to viciously attack anyone who threatens their ignorant, hate-filled agenda.
Fuck them all.
I anxiously await the day the NY Times, the Wash Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Reuters, AP and the rest of the vicious, lying sacks of shit are out of business and out of jobs.
Fuck them all.

Via eddiebear in the comments (yes, this blog has comments) we see Retracto the Correction Alpaca is on the job!
Apparently, the only thing they didn't get wrong was that they spelled his name right.

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