October 16, 2008

They get (incomprehensible) letters

One Pauline Chavez of Huntington Beach, CA, writes the Orange County Register with the following:

Bush signs a pact with India – agreeing to sell them nuclear technology to strengthen and to encourage them to engage in nuclear trade with other countries ["India nuclear pact a good deal," Editorial, Oct. 13]. I'm sure Iran will be their first customer. Bush also took North Korea off his "axis of evil" list.

Oh, and just lately he allowed the sale of $60 billion worth of military arms to Taiwan. I guess he's trying to put all his goodies in one basket before heading on down to Crawford in January.

What? I can only guess that "Pauline" is some sort of International Woman of Mystery, and that her letter is some sort of code to a fellow spy dealing with matters of global intrigue. That, or she's a nutjob who doesn't know what she's talking about when it comes to trade with our allies.  But I like to think it's the former.  Sounds sexier.

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