May 09, 2009

The elephant donkey in the room

Frank Rich muses on the demise of the newspaper industry (yes, the link goes to the NYT) but fails to even mention one of the possible causes. Indeed, he joins the chorus of pointy heads who believe that the MSM is, well, wait for it...wait for it...

IF you wanted to pick the moment when the American news business went on suicide watch, it was almost exactly three years ago. That’s when Stephen Colbert, appearing at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, delivered a monologue accusing his hosts of being stenographers who had, in essence, let the Bush White House get away with murder (or at least the war in Iraq). To prove the point, the partying journalists in the Washington Hilton ballroom could be seen (courtesy of C-Span) fawning over government potentates — in some cases the very “sources” who had fed all those fictional sightings of Saddam Hussein’s W.M.D.
...yeah, the big newspapers are dying because their reporters are just too damn conservative. Much too willing to give the Rethugs a pass. Uh-huh.

There is no liberal bias in the MSM. And, piggybacking on one of my earlier posts today, these aren't the droids you're looking for.

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