October 06, 2008

The King Code

Many of you probably read Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column today and totally missed the hidden subtext of his political denouncement of John McCain.
That's because many of you are dimwitted cretins.  Fortunately for you, I am here to spell it out for you.
The background is this: King has sworn off political commentary this year in order to avoid alienating his readers, as he did during the 2004 and 2000 elections by his rampant boosterism of Democratic candidates.  He made this vow two weeks ago.
Last week King came under fire by readers for re-airing a Chris Rock quote about Sarah Palin, where he said her choice for VP was so bad he expected it to have come from Al Davis.  Many equated this to political commentary and let King know how displeased they were for violating his promise.
King renewed his vow, declared to be apolitical, and closed up his column by noting that he could listen to Keith Olbermann talk all day.
Translation:  from now on, King will send his shout-outs via coded message.
So what were his coded messages this week?  They are on this page.  Just after praising Spike Lee's new film (calling into question King's tastes in movies), he tells us that:
l. Finally got to see the premiere of Family Guy, and if I had to pick, I'm not sure which TV character I'd chose as the best in history -- George Costanza, Barney Fife, James West or Brian the dog. Brian's quite a maverick.
We know from the use of the word "maverick" that King is referring to John McCain.  And look at the list of characters that come before: loser Costanza, incompetent Fife, womanizing West, and Brian, who is an alcoholic dog.
What King's really saying:  John McCain is a dying racist who plans on turning this country over to a crazed Christianist who will drive the Zionist agenda and lead us all to destruction, where we will be forced to eat dogs to survive.
I see through your ruse very clearly, Mr. King.  Shame on you for violating the sacred trust between coffee-breathed sports journalist and reader!
King ends with this point:
m. Best pizza in New York, if you like thin crust similar to the best pizza in Italy: Fiorello's, on Broadway, between 63rd and 64th.
Which, as you no doubt realize, is a tacit admission that he likes to dress up in ballerina costumes and drink camel urine in hopes that they will help rejuvenate his waning libido.  Oh, and he's frustrated because the only thing he's gotten by consuming up to 64 cases of penis-enlarging pills is massive flatulence.
Any idiot can see that in the subtext.

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