December 05, 2008

That's a new one

We've heard various media organizations refer to terrorists as "militants" and "commandos" and such in the past, but, well, this one leaves me all but speechless...

So why are so many prominent Western media reluctant to call the perpetrators terrorists? Why did Jon Snow, one of Britain's most respected TV journalists, use the word "practitioners" when referring to the Mumbai terrorists? Was he perhaps confusing them with doctors?
Gah. I wish I could say that I was surprised, but, well, we can look at all kinds of media outlets' track records over last few years as regards terrorism and terrorists. Especially of the *cough*Islamic*cough* type. So, yeah, not exactly surprising.

Read the whole thing, especially for the manner in which the BBC and the New York Times covered the assault on the Jewish community center.  Again, not surprising, but they didn't exactly cover themselves in glory.


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