August 10, 2008

Surprise! Guess whose statement on Russia/Georgia the Politico likes!

As DrewM and Ed Morrissey have noted, both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama released statements on Russia's invasion of Georgia. Sen. Obama even decided to release two statements: one before he knew what the hell he was talking about and another after one of his puppet masters told him what to say.

Now, let's see how The Politico decided to compare Sen. Obama's first statement to Sen. McCain's statement (link in the original):

While Obama offered a response largely in line with statements issued by democratically elected world leaders, including President Bush, first calling on both sides to negotiate, John McCain took a remarkably — and uniquely — more aggressive stance, siding clearly with Georgia’s pro-Western leaders and placing the blame for the conflict entirely on Russia.


Obama’s statement put him in line with the White House, the European Union, NATO and a series of European powers, while McCain’s initial statement — which he delivered in Iowa and ran on a blog on his Web site under the title “McCain Statement on Russian Invasion of Georgia” — put him more closely in line with the moral clarity and American exceptionalism projected by President Bush’s first term.
You silly conservatives! Obama's generalized initial statement doesn't show that he's unfamiliar with foreign affairs, it shows that he's an experienced statesman like like the leaders of various European powers, the EU, NATO, and even your dear President Bush.

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