October 06, 2010

Sometimes the guilty don't flee even when pursued

And this is how I can be allies with social cons.
When Brent Bozell is not talking about the media, he's usually annoying me. But when he talks media, well, he's usually entertaining me.

In today's exciting episode, his Media Research Center is starting a campaign to try to shame Minitru (they don't have any, but I'm rooting for him anyway).
He actually has a bunch of trucks circling the block around a bunch of Minitru outlets in NY and DC with signs telling them to stop lying.
Update: The campaign is not just the trucks, there are TV, intertube and radio ads and billboards. They accept donations.

According to this CNSNews article, it's not just broadcast Minitru outlets but print like the Wash Post and intertubing Minitru tools like Politico and, my personal favorite, they're even circling the Newseum.
For those who don't know, that's a museum about journalists where today's "journalists" can go to pretend they're all brave and smart and stuff. 
I went once with a producer friend of mine. I'll go again when they have exhibits on Walter Duranty and/or Dan Rather and his Microsoft memos from 1972.

Bravo Brent.
H/T chain, Nice Deb to Gateway Pundit (she's before GP on my intertubing) to the CNSNews article, h/t on the MRC link to Veeshir.

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