December 12, 2008

So, What State REALLY Is The Most Corrupt?

Almost if by cue, The Deciders have determined via their "Fuzzy Math" that Illinois is not really the most crooked of Obama's 57 States. Which one is?

According to the article, North Dakota has 8.3 public corruption convictions per 100,000 residents.  Illinois only has 3.9.

The trick here was to use the phrase ‘per-capita basis' in the analysis.  Using the logic presented here by Fritze and his colleagues, they have logically justified that North Dakota's 53 overwhelming public corruption convictions between 1998 and 2007 is solid proof that the state has more of a black eye when it comes to its government, than Illinois, which had a mere 502 convictions during the same period.  Why?  Because North Dakota is a more sparsely populated state.

Oh, I see. When I think of North Dakota (which is seldom), I ALWAYS think of corruption, and not whatever the hell it is really goes on there.

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