November 23, 2008

Sigh. A Second Decider Calling For Bush To Leave Office Early.

First, the Moron In Chief mentioned Gail Collins of the NY Times calling for Bush to leave office early.

Now, some twit at ABC News is doing the same.

KATE SNOW: You write a lot in your columns about a power vacuum in these last couple of months of the Bush administration.  How concerned are you about that?  Do you think President-elect Obama should be doing something now, urgently, as far as forcing policy change?


PAUL KRUGMAN: Well, there's only, as he says, and it's true.  There's only one president at a time. We have this Constitution, and he hasn't taken office.

And when Paul Krugman has to calm you down, that's a sign you have issues.

Folks, seeming similarities in talk between different media critters doesn't happen in a vacuum.

Just "airing a theory".

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