October 03, 2008

Shocka: LAT editorial board not Palin fans

There's so much condescension dripping from this editorial that I'm afraid it's going to short out my computer [my emphasis]:

Republicans can now remove their hands from their eyes. Gov. Sarah Palin shared a stage with Sen. Joe Biden and for 90 minutes skirted the edge of the abyss but avoided the plunge. Luckily for her, their debate Thursday night avoided serious civics -- no questions about Supreme Court rulings and only the briefest exposition on what constitutes the vice presidency. She did nothing to arrest her slide from phenomenon to embarrassment, but her conservative supporters, many jumping ship in recent days, can take solace that she correctly pronounced the names of several world leaders.
What debate were they watching? Oh, right. The "We're a bunch of smug, liberal MSM douches and no matter what happens, Sarah Palin is an idiot" debate.

To be fair, they don't seem to be big Biden fans, either, noting that his "looping answers drifted along a current known only to him," and saying that, consequently, "His best friend was the clock." Even so, they just can't help themselves:
In the end, Biden left voters with a more constructive vision of the government and a more compelling case for how it has failed the nation under President Bush.
But of course. Because it's Sarah Palin's job to tell the people about how the government has "failed the nation under President Bush." Yeah, I guess she really fucked up there.

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