June 12, 2009

"She is fair game"

"I am so offended."

Click on that and try not to puke as a bunch of media types (oooh, I'm sorry, that must be the "code words" that they're offended that we're upset against "some Americans" who are "celebrities") try to justify a joke about the daughter of a political opponent getting fucked in front of the crowd at a baseball game.

I don't have kids, but I think I might be offended if one of you fucking pukes suggested that it was okay that one of my daughters was held up to ridicule in front of a national audience.

And, hey, let's just wonder if it was one of Obama's daughters. Or, let's not. Because you fucking cowards would have an entirely different standard, and you know it. Oh, but there wouldn't be jokes there in the first place.

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