March 14, 2009

Say what?

In the opening to an article on Dem squeamishness on the issue of gun rights, some guy named Carl Hulse writes the following in the NYT:

Democrats have been exorcising some of their most stubborn political demons of late.

In challenging former President George W. Bush over the war in Iraq, they showed they were overcoming their deep post-Vietnam fear of being painted as weak on defense when taking a strong anti-war stance. Now, exhibiting comfort with rolling back Bush-era tax cuts, Democrats seem to be losing their anxiety about the tax-and-spend label.
So, opposing a war (and taking every possible opportunity to compare it to Vietnam, I might add) when there are troops in the field makes them look stronger on defense?  And opposing tax cuts is helping to shed their image as tax-and-spend liberals? Uh-huh.

Big City newspapers may not have a lot of cash anymore, but, apparently, they still pay well enough that their reporters can afford some pretty good weed.

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