July 30, 2009

Remember the Good Ol' Days of the Great Depression?

In their never-ending drive to become the Official, Exclusive Press Office of the Obama White House, Newsweek never fails to entertain.  Today is no exception.

Some might actually believe the Great Depression was one of the worst times this country has ever had to endure.  Not so, according to Newsweek.  In fact, it was pretty damn fun!

According to the animal-lover and truly deep thinker, Bob Barker, kids used to sleigh ride during that time!  Sleigh riding???  Can you imagine children sleigh-riding during good economic times?  HAH!  I think not!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg loved the Great Depression because it brought about the minimum wage and Social Security. Yeah, those things have been such blessings for our country, haven't they? And, not only that, did you know that, according to Ms. Ginsburg, prior to the Great Depression, all dads ignored their kids?  FER REALZ!! It took those difficult economic times for all of our horrible, horrible American dads to finally take their jobs as parents seriously.  Wow, Thanks, Great Depression!

I wonder what other tragic and difficult events Newsweek can find the sunny side of?

Putting a Postivie Spin on That Pesky Herpes Outbreak

Going Blind? What Luck! Just look what it did for Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder!

AIDS: Have You Lost Weight? You Look GREAT!!

How SIDS Helped One Family Successfully Lower Their Food Budget in These Difficult Times

I'm sure you can think of more.

Thanks to composmentis for the first two suggestions.

Oh, and thanks, ++undead, for giving me the keys to the place.  I can't imagine what I did to earn them, but I'll try not to make you regret your decision.

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