March 21, 2009

Really? I hadn't noticed

John McCormick of the Chicago Tribune has some keen insights about his home town hero that the rest of us might have missed:

For a man known as a great communicator, President Barack Obama can put his foot in his mouth from time to time.

Although often deliberate and meticulous in his speaking style, Obama can also be prone to gaffes when he is relaxed or trying to have fun.

Keenly aware of the stage, the coolly confident Obama can drift into trouble during unscripted moments.
The hell, you say! Next, you'll be telling me he relies on some sort of crutch to keep him from making ill-advised remarks..
The most recent slip-up came Thursday evening as he sat on Jay Leno's couch and offered an ill-considered comment during a "Tonight Show" appearance. After telling Leno he had scored 129 in a recent bowling game, the president offered what he intended as self-deprecating humor. "It's likeā€”it was like Special Olympics, or something," he said.

The timing of the gaffe is less than ideal for Obama, who has been subject to media teasing in recent weeks for his extensive use of a teleprompter.
Well, we're all only human. Except for George W. Bush, who was some sort of monstrous hybrid of drooling idiot and evil genius.

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