April 08, 2009


So, in the wake of two horrible tragedies in which nutjobs used guns to kill people, ABC News is running a 20/20 special on Friday night at ten p.m. called "If I Only Had a Gun," which, judging by the promo I saw for it will claim that ordinary people with guns (probably people like me who have never had any firearms training or experience, I'm guessing, which is hardly fair, but hey, that's being picky) would not have been able to stop the recent shootings in Pittsburgh and Binghamton.  There will also be segments on how guns are "irresistible" to children and bitching about the "gun show loophole."

Click on the link ("Questions Linger About Easy Access to Guns") to see what our MSM betters think about our Second Amendment rights and for a taste of what I'm sure will be a balanced report on the issue hosted by Diane Sawyer (yeah) this Friday night.

(As a bonus question, what do you want to bet that Diane Sawyer has armed bodyguards?)

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