July 14, 2009

Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding me

So, a college perfesser dropped her kids (and somebody else's kids, too) off at the mall, and took a nap.

OMG!!!!!11one!1!!1!!! Sexism and elitism!!!1eleven!!!!

This simmering resentment is common and pervasive in our culture right now. The idea that women with a “major education” think they’re better than everyone else, have a great sense of entitlement, feel they deserve special treatment, and are too out of touch with the lives of “normal” women to have a legitimate point of view, is a 21st-century version of the long-held belief that education makes women uppity and leads them to forget their rightful place.
And who is responsible for this outrage? You guessed it...
It’s precisely the kind of thinking that has fueled Sarah Palin’s unlikely — and continued — ability to pass herself off as the consummately “real” American woman. (And it is what has made it possible for her supporters to discredit other women’s criticism of her as elitist cat fighting.)
Yeah. Someone (who has the double X thing going for her) actually went there.

You've regressed a long way, baby.

(Via another inauthentic woman.)

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