August 14, 2009

Oh, so now we're concerned with violent rhetoric?

Oh noes! Rush Limbaugh said mean things and now someone is going to shoot the President!.

I want to make something clear, I most certainly hope that the windowlicking, slackjawed, mouthbreathing idiot who showed up with the death to Obama and death to his family signs got investigated, up to and including anal probing, by the Secret Service.  I mean that's kinda, sorta, just a tiny bit of a red flag that maybe you should be having a chat with the nice lads and ladies with the shades, ear pieces and weaponry.  And then possibly accidentally fall down a few flights of stairs after the interview.  Just.  Sayin'.

However, I find it beyond fucking rich that all the hand wringing is about the violent rhetoric aimed at Obama.  What about the violent rhetoric aimed at me by those who do have the power to completely fuck with my life?  Let's see, Nancy Pelosi thinks I'm unAmerican.  Harry Reid thinks I'm an evilmonger.  There was the lovely comment that we're all like Timothy McVeigh.  There's the racist accusations.  There's the comments about how this is the civil rights era and references to Bull Connor and the dogs and the hoses.  But ABC sure as motherfucking hell doesn't seem to give a single shit that politicians are fucking attacking their bosses for having the fucking audacity to stand up and disagree.

Fuck.  Them.  All.  Seriously.  Fuck them all with the barbed cock of Satan (hint for the reading comprehension impaired - HYPERBOLE NOT A THREAT FOR FUCK'S SAKE YOU SUBCRETINOUS ILLITERATE JACKHOLES)  You want to know why people are full of the ragey rage?  Because Minitru sure as fuck didn't give a shit about the rhetoric about killing Bush.  And Minitru sure as fuck doesn't seem to care that Nancy Pelosi, that brain dead botox container, STARTED THE NAZI SHIT.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Alexsmash. 

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