July 03, 2009

Obama Has Weightier Issues To Avoid And Ignore Than This One.

When asked by media hack about Wacko Jacko's death, The Hip Prez had this to say:

But in an interview with The Associated Press Thursday, Obama said he didn't see any controversy in the fact that he did not issue a formal public statement upon Jackson's death. Obama said, "Look, you're the first person who's actually asked me about it."

I hate to say it, but I kinda, sorta have to give President Obama a pass on this one. Seriously, who gives a flying fuck what the President (of either party) has to say about an entertainer's death? If the President issues a statement, fine by me. If he doesn't, fine by me too. I mean, he has more serious issues to avoid and ignore than whether or not he should say something official about Michael Jackson. Korea? Iran? Taxes? Jobs? Fuck that shit! Let's ask him about a washed up freak show who died last week.

And who is the stupid fuckstick who decided it was important to raise a stink with the President of the United States because he didn't say or do something not related to upholding his oath of office and keeping the country safe? What's next? Asking Obama about Brad and Angelina? Or his take on Jon & Kate? The AP reporter would have been better off asking about ice cream or golf than Jacko.

But, I guess that exemplifies how fucking stupid and celebrity obsessed the media is today. They fucking ask the fucking President of the United States a dipshit question like this, when they could have or should have grilled him about what he plans to do about the issues I mentioned above? All Presidents have to do fluff pieces once in a while, but this guy is being treated as though he is the hip new singer busting onto the charts. To make matters worse, and more irresponsible of the media, is that shit like this eats up what little time they have with the President, leading them to avoid holding him accountable for his deeds and words on issues that are life or death type stuff. Instead, we get the Tiger Beat Poster Treatment of this guy, or stacked interviews like the one he did with ABC or the HuffPo guy.

This retardation to eleven is why I hate damn near every media member out there.

Except Tapper. And Sean.

Thanks to Alice.

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