June 16, 2008

No disguise for that double standard

Yes, I've already punched myself for making a Foreigner reference in the title so you don't have to.  I'm helpful like that. 

Anyway, you might have heard about the AP crackdown on a site called the Drudge Retort, which is a liberal goof on, obviously, the Drudge Report. 

In response, sites everywhere threw a shitfit, culminating in Techcrunch declaring they'd be boycotting AP, and even the New York Times declaring that the AP was being excessive.  The AP now seems to be backtracking a bit.  All well and good, and the response from Techcrunch, the NYT and other places are what one would expect.  Just one thing though, where was Techcrunch and NYT when the AP decided to go after our friend Brian at Snapped Shot?

They were silent, of course, seems the problem isn't so much AP's aggression as it is who it is aggressive with.  Brian has been watching this unfold, and has a post up and an article at Pajamas Media looking at the situation.  Do check them out.

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