January 20, 2009

Newsbusters Should Probably Start A New Website Just To Take On MSNBC

I know Ace posted something (I forgot the link) chronicling Round 1 of Newsbuster's coverage of MSNBC and its comically blatant bias. Well, they are up with almost four new posts (and counting, I'm sure) exclusively on the network that gave up even the faintest pretense of neutrality long ago. And of he new ones, my favorite has to be this one, where Matthews and Olbermann take on those who heckled President Bush.

Now, Matthews did criticize the hecklers, because he thought it was bad form. So far, so good. Nice to see he at least had a modicum of respect for the man and the office. Olbermann, however, stayed true to his moonbat roots as his reasoning for calling out the hecklers.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Don’t do that. Don’t boo, don’t boo, don’t boo.

RACHEL MADDOW: That’s a surprise. We’re hearing some booing and that is a surprise.

MATTHEWS: Bad form here.

MADDOW: That is not what I expected.


KEITH OLBERMANN: Far be it forme to have been critical of anyone critical of this President, obviously, but, unfortunately, during that demonstration, something of the introduction of Mrs. Obama was lost because people were singing the, they still are, the "Hey, hey," song from various sporting events over the year, towards the 43rd President.

My emphasis there.

Get that? Olbermann was upset that the hecklers took away from Mrs. Obama. Nice to see he has his priorities.

I have a feeling Newsbusters will be extra busy keeping track of the Olbermann Netwrok.

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