July 15, 2008

New Conservative Standard-Bearer: Gary Condit

Yes, you read that correctly.  Take a peek at how the Washington Post describes the potentially murderous former Democratic Congressmen (emphasis mine):

They met at hotels and inside his fourth-floor, turn-of-the-century condo at the top of Adams Morgan, an eclectic neighborhood of ethnic restaurants, offbeat shops and jam-packed nightclubs near the National Zoo and Rock Creek Park. It was not a typical neighborhood for a conservative congressman from a right-leaning agricultural district.

Naturally, there is no party identification in the article.  And Condit's district?  While it may be right-leaning by California standards, it is still a D+3 district*.  Condit was tagged as a Democrat in an earlier installment in the "Who Killed Chandra Levy" series, but even then the Washington Post tries to tie Condit to conservatism:

For the past 11 years, Condit had been building a reputation as a renegade within the Democratic Party. A photo of House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican, hung on his office wall. He was one of the few Democrats to publicly push President Bill Clinton to be forthcoming about his relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky. Condit's conservative stances were so popular in the San Joaquin Valley that his district became known as "Condit Country."

Lame, but expected. 

*Condit left office after the 2002 elections, when redistricting would have gone into effect.  It is possible that the district as it was drawn until 2002 was more conservative. 


Update: Answering eddiebear (I can't comment while at work for some reason), Condit said in December 2001 that he would seek re-election, but he lost the Democratic primary to Dennis Cardoza, who still holds the seat.

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