July 29, 2009

Name That Party! Baltimore edition

I've read through this article about the Mayor of Baltimore three times, and I can't help but notice that something seems to be missing. Hmmmmmmm...

The two new indictments handed down by a grand jury reinstate perjury charges against Dixon and include new allegations about gifts she may have received but failed to disclose.

In total, the mayor is currently charged with three counts of theft, two counts perjury, three counts of fraudulent misappropriation and one count of misconduct.
Her political affiliation must be some sort of closely guarded secret. Oh, wait...
When former Mayor Martin O'Malley was sworn in as Governor on January 17, 2007, Dixon, a Democrat, became mayor and served out the remaining year of O'Malley's term. In November 2007, she was elected mayor in her own right and is currently serving her first term.
I can't help but think that if she was a Republican, that might just be prominently mentioned.

Hahahahaha! Who am I kidding? A real Republican (as opposed to, say, Nanny Bloomberg) as the mayor of a major American city? Not bloody likely.

{doubleplusundead} Update:  Baltimore media really does not want the public to know the party affiliation of Mayor Dixon.

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