January 13, 2010

Name that article

First in a series.
Once in a while I like to play a game with my conservative email buddies. I'll quote something and ask them, "Real or Satire".

So in today's exciting episode we have:
White House Gets 'A' For Openness

In the body we read
Under fire for backing away from a campaign promise to open up health care negotiations to C-SPAN cameras, the White House on Monday highlighted a report from a coalition of watchdog groups awarding the Obama administration an “A” for its openness.
The report... gave the administration high marks across the board for its various initiatives to increase transparency and reduce the power of lobbyists

So what do you think, Politico or Scrappleface?
Click "more' to see if you're right.
Why the hell does anybody pay any attention to them whatsoever?

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