March 04, 2010

More MSM Coffee Party fun

This time, from a Kansas City Star columnist named Barb Shelly, who takes a different approach than the NYT or the WAPO. Instead of simply glossing over Coffee Party founder Annabel Park's pro-Obama activism and/or involvement with Netroots Nation, she doesn't bother to mention Park at all. Clever, that.

But Barb luuurves the Coffee Party much more than the Tea Party, even though she thinks the latter (lamentably, in her eyes) has a better chance at changing the political landscape:

It's fueled by idealism. But idealism doesn't carry the same jolt as anger, which is stoking the tea party movement.

Idealism gets weary and watered down. But in these United States, anger is a bottomless cup.

It has so many targets. Wall Street bankers, illegal immigrants, climate scientists, Barack Obama. Health care reformers, stimulus packages, public education, Barack Obama. The Federal Reserve, John McCain, open borders, the United Nations, gun control backers, Barack Obama.

Um, Barb, do you notice a common thread in any of those "targets" that you just mentioned? Possibly that they're all, more or less, involved in the shitty economy that we've got right now? That we've got ten percent unemployment? That there's a government-run health insurance boondoggle that one of the "targets" you happened to mention three times there is trying to ram down the throats of a citizenry which has said over and over that it DOES. NOT. WANT. IT?

Oh, and this part is fun...

There are think tanks, lobbyists, consultants, magazines, talk shows, an entire television network, devoted to telling Americans that, even in the good times, we should be aggrieved.

Government is out to oppress the people of America. So say the captains of the aggrievement industry, speaking from their lavish office suites and their suburban Virginia mansions.

So she says, without a fucking trace of irony. When we had unemployment at around five percent and the economy was growing pretty well, we heard nothing from TIMENEWSWEEKNYTWAPOCNNNBCCBSABC, etc. and their buddies in liberal think tanks and on talk shows about how we were supposedly in the WORST ECONOMY SINCE HERBERT HOOVER!!!

Yeah, sorry if I don't take you particularly seriously now.

Oh, and if you'd bothered to mention the Coffee Party's founder, you might have had to mention that she was a progressive activist from (dun dun DUHHHHN!!!) suburban Virginia.

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