July 26, 2008

I sense a meme

While nerding out on some veepstakes news this afternoon, I ran across an article in the St. Petersburg Times, and I noticed something familiar (emphasis mine):

"The threshold for Obama's V.P. choice is simply do no harm. McCain on the other hand will be looking to send several signals with his choice,'' said Republican consultant Todd Harris. "He may decide that he needs someone that will energize the conservative base. He will most certainly want to choose someone who would be viewed as a leader in the next generation of Republicans, and he'll probably want someone who stands a good chance of bringing some political real estate with him."
Really?  Obama doesn't have to send any signals with his vice presidential choice?  He doesn't have to shore up support from disgruntled Hillary voters?  He doesn't have to choose someone with more experience to add gravitas to the ticket?  He doesn't need a vice president who connects with "bitter" Reagan Democrats in Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc.? 

I guess if you accept the Democrats' premise that he is the secular messiah, then "Republican consultant" Todd Harris is correct. 

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