August 04, 2009

I love the smell of butthurt hipsters in the morning

The Washington Post's Monica Hesse decided to spend her week writing about how a once-hipsterish neighborhood now has - gasp - development!:

For the hipsters, post-hipsters or quasi-hipsters who moved into Columbia Heights several years ago for the grit and the cheap rent and the proximity to the Wonderland Ballroom (the hipster, post-hipster or quasi-hipster bar that sponsors local music and nights like "Sundress Fest"), life can be divided into two discrete phases: Before Target. After Target.
Say it ain't so!  Being able to purchase things when you want them, without taking 2-3 metro stops?  How shudder suburban*. Anyway, she tries to bring balance by noting that, thank God, people still get stabbed in her quaint little neighborhood:
Columbia Heights is still edgy. A few blocks from the Target, semi-permanent police cars monitor the muggings and shootings that still happen, in broad daylight, even -- as happened a few weeks ago -- at the Metro.
Thank Heavens for small favors, eh?  I have to go eat a (horrible tasting) salad for lunch right now, though, so I'll let DCist pick up where I left off.  And Monica, if you're reading, you need to chill, hun.  There are plenty of edgy, crime-ridden abodes in Anacostia if that's what you're looking for.

*Confession: I consider North Arlington the 'burbs, and do make fun of people who live there.  So, I suppose I shouldn't cast too many stones at Ms. Hesse.  But still...

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