March 12, 2010

How low the yellow journalists have fallen

No, not Raines whining about someone disagreeing with his Messiah, this story you've probably seen a few places.
For the want of a better two-second picture of a tachometer, ABC News has called into question its reporting on acceleration problems with Toyota vehicles.

I'm going a totally different direction from where I've seen others go and I'm kind of surprised by that.

This story shows exactly what's most wrong with "journalism" today
Notice the above beginning, "For the want of...", no, for using a fraudulent clip their 'reportage'/crap hit piece is in question.
The article is full of ABC saying, 'Sure it wasn't the right clip, here's some bullshit reason we're claiming is why we couldn't use the real clip, so it's all okay.'

None of the "journalists" involved in this story even see the fundamental problem.

Fake But Fucking Accurate is not journalism you dumb fucks.
How hard is that concept to understand? Seriously.
All you had to do was put in "dramatization" or some note about why you used that shot and problem solved.

Not a one of the idiot, "journalists" involved in this story, including the many layers of idiotor... err... editors probably even thought about it and if any of them happen to get lost and end up here instead of Kos and read this they will have no idea why this is a problem and they'll think I'm the idiot.
That's how journalism works these days, they'll think.

It's absolutely funny that as reporters started coming out of J-schools instead of just getting a degree and going into journalism their reporting ethics, abilities and diligence have gone right down the tubes.

We now have "fake but accurate", "too good to check" and "feels right" for journalistic standards.
Why, it's almost as if J-schools are teaching advocacy journalism instead of "just the fax ma'am".

H/T, I don't know, I've seen it all over.
Let's say....... Lemur King, I missed giving him one once.

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