July 17, 2009

How about we don't?

So. Ezra Klein decided he gets to set the rules for using the CBO report to criticize the Dems healthcare plan.

Let me think really really hard *taps chin*. How about you bite me, Ezra?  Sure, it's nice when someone opposing a plan proposes an alternative.  But it's not a requirement.  Plus there's the fact that I don't remember you getting elected as Healthcare Debate God.  So.  You know.  See re:  bite me. 

This is one of the things that I detest the most, these attempts to claim that debates on issues must only take place in certain ways.  Yeah.  No.  Not at all.  Someone here at work who is not overly political was going on and on and on about illegal immigration (she's against it).   She made a comment that there's going to be hell to pay soon.  I asked her why and she began telling me all about how her friends and family are sick and tired of being told that their concerns are not only irrelevant but wrong.  I know, I know, the plural of anecdote is not data but there sure as hell seems to be a lot of people out there furious about how our elected representatives are acting.  Hell, a local state rep around here is now in a world of hurt due to the self-dealing that's being uncovered.  And this is a guy who is considered untouchable.  There was a protest yesterday and one of the leaders commented that he's sick of the politicians acting like they're nobles.  There's a lot of that feeling going around and I think the backlash is coming.

Hmmm.  That wandered a bit.  Just imagine a nice IDF babe here to make up for it.

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