June 24, 2008

Guess ! That! Party! Culture of Corruption Style!

Stashiu sends these along.  The current mayor of Baltimore is being investigated for possibly accepting gifts from a developer that she supported special tax breaks and zoning changes for during her time as head of the Baltimore city council.  The mayor claims that the developer gave her the gifts as part of a relationship, both were in the middle of separations.  She may face perjury charges for not reporting the gifts, she and the developer went on several vacations together, and the mayor was given a $2000 gift certificate to go a furrier paid with the developer's company credit,

The furrier's owner, Richard Swartz, told prosecutors he remembered "a guy coming into the store and [he] requested that no name [be] put on the certificate." The certificate was purchased with a Lowe's Platinum Visa card that investigators traced back to Doracon after subpoenaing the firm's bank records.

There's plenty more details in the article, but there's a taste of it.  The article itself never mentions that the mayor of Baltimore is a Democrat, you can find out that she is a Democrat by clicking her name, and it'll send you to a profile of her, but never in the article.  Stash also sends another story along where her party is never mentioned.  Funny how that works.

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