November 19, 2008

Don't worry, Kathy Parker will have a new target soon

Who?  Possible RNC Chairman Michael Steele (links in the original, emphasis mine):

Republican National Committee Chairman candidate Michael S. Steele castigated Republican Party leadership Tuesday for having a "country club" mentality and being out of touch, and said if he is chosen to represent the party, he will help transform it into an inspiring choice for young and minority voters.


"The problem is that within the operations of the RNC, they don't give a damn. It's all about outreach ... and outreach means let's throw a cocktail party, find some black folks and Hispanics and women, wrap our arms around them - 'See, look at us,' " he said.

"And then we go back to same old, same old. There's nothing that is driven down to the state party level, where state chairmen across the country, to the extent they don't appreciate it, are helped to appreciate the importance of African-Americans and women and others coming and being a part of this party, and to the extent that they do appreciate it, are given support and backup to generate their own programs to create this relationship."

On a related note, you know you're a nerd when you dream about RNC Chairmanship election news.  In case you're wondering, Dream Vintage predicts a win for Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis

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