September 06, 2008

Did I mention that the Politico is condescending to Palin?

What did I learn from the Politico's write-up of the McCain-Palin ticket's first day of campaigning? Well, mainly I learned how the Politico is missing the point. First, apparently women are only coming to the rallies to see Sarah Palin because she's a woman:

Meghan Groppe, 12, of Cedarburg explained the enthusiasm.

“Because if they get voted in she’ll be the first lady vice president,” Groppe said, flashing a smile missing a few teeth.

More expansive but similarly enthusiastic was Cheryl Hauswirth of nearby Grafton, Wis.

“She's a real woman, she's a real feminist but she's not strident — she's like us,” said Hauswirth, a middle-aged mother who didn’t offer her age. “She’s strong, powerful and opinionated, all the things a women should be, while still retaining her femininity, her womanhood.”
Next, I learned that she is using her VP acceptance speech as a stump speech, while using a teleprompter at larger venues:
Introducing McCain at both stops, she reprised well-received lines from her convention speech almost verbatim, criticizing Obama and praising her ticketmate. In Michigan, she used a teleprompter to read her lines, a campaign aide confirms.
I eagerly anticipate an article noting when and where Barack Obama uses a teleprompter, and how often he uses the same lines at stump speeches. Somehow I don't think that will happen anytime soon. Lastly, I learned that there's only one reason that men are excited about the potential vice president:
As for the men in the audience, they were excited to see Palin in person, too, if for different reasons.

“She’s good-looking,” exclaimed Scott Kennison, drawing playful rolls of the eyes from the women surrounding him in Cedarburg.
Well, I know this fella is more excited about her policies and energy than her hawtness.  But I guess they had trouble finding anyone in the audience who actually felt the same way. 

Exit question: Did they write about all those women supporting her because she'd be the first woman VP to minimize her appeal or because they're so used to covering women (ahem) who are supported largely on the basis of their gender that they don't know how to cover Sarah?

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