July 26, 2010

Dear Newsweek: Please go bankrupt faster

Okay, so Newsweek's got they're "It's time to have a serious discussion on race," article here

Uh, how about we not have a serious discussion about race, we don't need one, other than discussing the fact that liberals and MSM operations like Newsweek can't help themselves but demagogue the right and call us racist over every opposing viewpoint we offer.   Not once in that entire article do they mention the fact that this was a retaliation against the NAACP for their move to slander Tea Partiers by declaring them all racist, or that Breitbart's focus was as much on the crowd cheering Sherrod declaring she was gonna screw some evil whitey farmer when he did that post.  They offer this bit of literary diarrhea as well,

The American public, meanwhile, was left to wonder what the moral of this tale really is. For starters, it’s about the idiocy that can follow when ideology replaces journalistic integrity. Real journalists draw conclusions from facts. The ideologues who attacked Sherrod forced facts to fit their preconceived notions.

Yes, it's all about facts, sorta like CBS using fucking Media Matters as their source to "debunk" concerns over the two club-wielding Black Panther fucktards at the Philly polling center.  But of course, CBS is a respectable news organization, not some partisan muckraker hack like that damnable Breitbart.  Spare me the self-righteous fucking bullshit about drawing conclusion from fact.

I'm tired of the fucking handwringers on our side on this issue, and I'm really superfuckingtired of the media's bullshit high and mighty act.  You fuckers in media pull this shit on us on a daily basis, then have the audacity to bitch when Breitbart (sorta) does it once?  Fuck you.  Fuck you with a rusty chainsaw, sideways. 

And another thing, all you handwringers on the right, now that Sherrod has come out and accused Breitbart of wanting to reinstitute slavery, feeling stupid yet?  You should be.

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