June 10, 2010

Chris Matthews and Andrea Harris: ZOMG DA TEABAGGERS ARE GONNA GIT US!!!1!1eleventy!11!11!!1one!1

Chris Matthews and Andrea Harris reporting on the rise of the Tea Party Movement

Okay, so we have this breathless bit of stupidity from Matthews, where he has a brief clip of the Michigan Militia guys, and he equates them to the Tea Party at large,

Note that line starting at 1:47, where he says that the other scary thing about the Tea Partiers is that "the Supreme Court doesn't get the right to determine what is constitutional, they do, and they've got guns."  Matthews statement of course shows what an ignorant tool he is, as do all his statements, but this is extraordinarily dumb and lazy, even by his standards.  It also demonstrates the divide we face, whether it be ignorance or malice on his part. 

The Constitution and Constitutional rights are not something the government grants to us, it is not a contract between government and people, it is simply something that the government acknowledges that we already have, which is of course terrifying to the left, and Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell.  They're being more and more honest about the authoritarian scum they are.  This is not a bad thing.

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