August 03, 2009

But we're supposed to believe them about everything else

The only way to respond to this is with pointing and laughing. Watch Clark Hoyt attempt to explain how the NYT fucked up an article about Walter Cronkite.

There's tons of comedy gold here, particularly the part about Chip Cronkite sending an email to the NYT ahead of time to warn about errors. 

However, there's a serious part to this too.  The Times did this in an article about someone that the MSM considered a legend.  The Times did this to a person the MSM all but worships.  But we're totally supposed to just believe that everything else isn't this full of Fail.  Uh.  Huh. 

There's also the "joke" quote in the ashtray Cronkite had "“Just give me the facts: I’ll mix ’em up when I quote you.”"  Frankly, that certainly seems the way that the quotations are handled. 

But still.  This is point and laugh funny.  ha HA!

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