June 18, 2008

Angry Obama Supporters Storm WSJ Offices

A protest by angry Barack Obama supporters erupted into violence this morning as demonstrators stormed the offices of The Wall Street Journal and overturned two cars in the street.  Riot police were on hand but unable to prevent the damage.  No arrests have yet been reported.


The protestors, organized by the Guardian Council of the Organization for the Reverential Election of Obama (OREO), were demonstrating against the Journal for its continuing practice of running a drawing of Barack Obama instead of a photograph of the candidate, which is forbidden under OREO law.


Unlike most other publications, the Wall Street Journal typically accompanies stories with children’s-book quality dot-to-dot representations of newsmakers


A leading Obamic scholar, Dr. Barry Pallindeur, said that such drawings are unacceptable to those who accept Obama’s message and are forbidden under Obamic Law.  “Mr. Obama must always be represented by actual photographs and not by drawings, because a drawing does not sufficiently capture this singular man’s greatness.  It cannot reproduce his piercing stare, noble chin, or pensive brow that reveals Mr. Obama as a truly transcendent political figure.”


Some critics noted that OREO had not protested other drawings of Obama and questioned the timing of the protests.  Noted conservative blogger Jerome Armstrong called the protestors “stupid” and said that they were “misogynistic thugs trying to shut down free speech.” 


 But Pallindeur called for tolerance and understanding.  “It is not as if OREO is demanding that there be no drawings whatsoever, only that they accurately represent Mr. Obama.  For instance, the famous ‘Obama in Elvis Jumpsuit with Unicorn’ is acceptable under Obamic law, because it rightly frames the beatific presence that is Mr. Obama.  Likewise the drawing ‘Obama Parting the Senate’ which, Electorate Willing, will come true next January.”

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