November 16, 2009

An Open Challenge to The Atlantic Monthly

You continue to employ a man by the name of Andrew Sullivan who, on your website, has engaged in the most "gob-smackingly vile" conspiracy theories about the parentage of Trig Palin, the son of the former Governor of Alaska.

He writes...

Well, she has now thrown down a gauntlet that the Dish will be very eager to take up in the next few days.
We don't link to Sullivan here as a matter of editorial policy seeing as how he's a delusional crank, but your response as to why you would continue to employ an individual who unapologetically writes about ridiculous Palin conspiracy theories while other news outlets castigate the "Birthers" who have been characterized as part of the mainstream of Obama critics would be appreciated.

The "Open Challenge" is yours to respond to.  I hope other blogs whose participants are interested in rational debate about public affairs will take it up.

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