June 06, 2008

The media are shocked, shocked!

Rich Lowry notes in passing that liberal punditry are upset with upstaging the Obamessiah's special night last Tuesday by scheduling a speech that night in New York City. 

The thing about the Clinton's is that they are entirely predictable.  Any conservative could have told them to expect this, because Bill Clinton did it, too:

Although ex-presidents traditionally make a quiet exit from Washington to leave the stage to their successors, Clinton reminisced in public during an emotional farewell ceremony.


A welcoming ceremony was planned for Clinton's arrival in New York before heading to his new home in Chappaqua, New York.
I wonder what the punditry thought about that typically classy Clinton move.  Let's find out:
WOODRUFF: And I think, is this the first time a former president has spent two hours and 45 minutes in Washington after he was no longer president?

JEFF GREENFIELD, CNN SENIOR ANALYST: I think that's a record that's (inaudible)...

WOODRUFF: Immediately.

GREENFIELD: ... likely to stand for some time.

That's odd.  They seem to be all right with this keystone Clinton trait when it's not cutting into Barack Obama's day. 

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